Virtual Event Portal and Lead Generation Tool

Event Platform for Businesses

Enhance your brand awareness, develop trust, identify buying intent and topics that drives engagement. 

Team of event marketing and business development managers are looking at their colleague's laptop screen.

Event registration site, video conferencing tool, and audience insight - branded to your image.

This diagram pictures the values of the three main function: the event platform, video conferencing tool and detailed analytics for any virtual or hybrid events

Event Platform

Take back the control of your events scheduling, attendee registration, and promotion. Keep your registrants coming back to your website, not to a third party’s.

Video Conferencing Tool

You can have your cake and eat it too. Keep using Zoom for your events, while providing a branded experience for your audience. Without the hassle. 

Actionable Analytics and Insights

Track your audience’s behavior, and turn them into actions. Discover opportunities easily and run circles around your competition! Share data when the user is ready for a follow-up with your sales team to take action

Branded Event Platform

Increase Brand Awareness

Keep your brand in the front and center, and make your customers remember your brand first, when they are about to buy a service you provide.


The WebinARE platform supports your bilingual content strategy both on the portal, and in communications. Second language content can get you access to the growing diversity.

All Your Events in One Place

Create new or manage existing events easily, upload the recordings of previous sessions for replay so your audience have a central place to visit 24x7 after the event.

Collection of portal visuals of the event landing page, broadcasted stream and video conferencing session.
Virtual event producer monitors the broadcast quality and manages the switch board that puts the visitor speakers on the screen for the registered visitors.



WebinAre gives you the control over executing your online events. With the use of a well-known videoconferencing tool, you can deliver a seamless audience experience without breaking the bank.

Integrated Zoom

Have your cake, and ate it too. A well adapted videoconferencing tool will make it simple to join for the audience, while keeping them on your branded website will strengthen the brand's relationship.

Web-based and Convenient

No application needs to be downloaded, nor to leave the site. Everything happens on the same branded webpage: registration, live session, or post-event recordings. Simple and convenient.

Actionable Audience Insights

Engagement Level Riport

Keep your fingers on the event's pulse, and discover what makes your audience engaged. Turn audience insights into actionable items and increase webinar performance for the next time.

Buying Intent

You can do more than live Q&A and surveys. Find the most active leads, most interesting topics, and attention span on a user level. It will present you the users your sales team want to contact first.

Better Qualified Leads MQL/SQL

Instantly validate your marketing campaign, and budget spent by looking if the right people showing up to your events. Create new opportunities by uncovering their most pressing problems.

Screen of multiple widget boxes including different statistical data of a virtual event, such as registration numbers, geo location and peak views.

There are much more...

We just gave you a short overview of the benefit areas of WebinAre platform but there are so much more. Having your events (online, virtual, live, recorded) and registrations controlled entirely by you is way underrated. Once you have your first online event delivered it becomes part of your lead generation, content development and online marketing framework that eventually will propel your revenue. To learn more, contact us for a 25 min demo.