Virtual Event Portal and Lead Generation Tool

Increase Your Revenue with Webinar Intelligence

Virtual events run on WebinARE help orchestrate your marketing and business development effort by conversations engaging your audience more intelligently while producing better opportunities.

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Informed selling is the most effective selling

Webinars provide data and audience insight for the sales team that physical events or meetings will never be able to.

A Branded Place Worth Revisit

Marketers and Business Developers maximize the latest technologies for brand awareness reconsidering a technology that never went out of fashion and is still the most reliable because webinar event series is still the most effective in brand awareness. Deliver a branded experience that bounds your audience while avoiding the sales pitch. A tool that looks like your own and is still familiar to your audience will make them revisit it.

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Compass for Staying Relevant

Are the right people showing up to your webinars? Gain clarity on your audience and see if your targeted outreach efforts are accurate. Refine your marketing strategies with data-driven decisions.

Harness our user metrics to optimize your sales content and make them more impactful for record-breaking ROIs.

Better Qualified Leads

Learn about your audience and what matters the most to them, and measure your content performance so you can improve and deliver more relevant content. Engagement roots from relevant content, which roots from insight. Deliver higher quality leads to your sales team and enable them to contact accounts when they are the most interested and engaged. The most efficient selling is informed selling.

Bar chart showing four category of data sets regarding virtual event viewership
This diagram pictures virtual event framework of WebinARE for marketers and business developers. A flow-chart that connects the paid online ads, live and recorded webinar information flow into the sales pipeline.

Turns insight into actions

Track your audience’s behavior, and turn them into actions. Discover opportunities easily and run circles around your competition! Share data when a user is ready for a follow-up or shows interest in something, with your sales team to take action.

Win your buyer's trust, and business

Personalized interactions

Delivering content that speaks to the audience will spark deeper conversations. WebinARE virtual event platform gives you input to understand their challenges so you can provide relevant content they care about the most.

Engage your audience

80% of buyers feel uncertain when making purchase decisions. Relevant video content can engage them in conversations while increasing their confidence in you, as a subject matter expert.


It is inevitable for prospects to feel the value and relevance they are looking for. Turn your interactions into engagements that root in relevance and come via valuable insights from all webinars and events.

It all starts with the Insight

The new sales and marketing standard is to gain insight, detect buyer intent, manage the entire customer journey, and measure the business outcome. Get a clear overview of your webinar marketing when hosting your events with WebinARE.

Frequently asked questions

What user interactions are available?

The audience can communicate via group chat and send questions to the speakers, which can be displayed by the host with a click of a button, on the screen during the QaA section of the event.

How can I ensure show-up rates will be high?

There are multiple ways to ensure that registrants will show up at your events. Our embedded notification and event promotion tool will send automated emails and reminders. For VIP guests we can offer premium treats that increase engagement.

What software do I need to download?

WebinARE platform is a web-based technology that does not require you to download any software either on the audience or the speakers' side. The only thing required is a web browser.

Can the sessions be recorded?

All the live sessions are recorded and made available for Video On Demand on the event page, so you can create content that will live after life sessions have ended. Your audience can access and replay with the same registration credentials.

How difficult is it to set up and facilitate a live event?

WebinARE provides a fully-managed service, trains your speakers, and facilitates the live broadcast. Based on your basic event information and data, every aspect of the setup will be handled while you will have access to an admin portal interface to make changes.

The best technology in the world won’t help if you don’t know how to use it. With live support before and during the events, you can focus on connecting your topic with the audience and not on technical delivery. Because of the constant, live support, there’s very little to no chance your event will freeze during the broadcast.