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3 ways to produce more content faster with webinars

3 ways to produce more content faster with webinars

Webinars were once viewed as more conventional but still remained relevant and essential. Marketers despite the rising number of new technologies available to generate new leads, use webinars simply because it works. It is tested, trusted, and still one of the best way to capture warm leads during live or pre-recorded sessions as research shows as well.

Although some may view the webinar as an obsolete tool, in reality it has evolved a lot over the years. It became more engaging also interactive with group chat, polls, and Q&A’s, helping marketers segment audience better and create more personalized content to convert attendees into customers faster. [Forbes article]

You may ask the question – rightfully, is that really all that you can do with webinars? 


By now your company must have conveyed tens if not hundreds of webinars, and if you did the right thing kept all the recordings. Just to state the obvious, today there are two things worth more than gold: data and content. Sitting probably on a smaller mountain of precious content you already invested so much time and effort in, will not generate any opportunity nor revenue by itself. 

Reusing these recordings will get you a higher return on your marketing investment, and allow you to save time on creating new content and putting them out faster, only to name three – leaving money on the table should not be among them.

The best part, it is much simpler than you would think.

Here are the three most popular options we recommend
  • Enhance recordings by cropping off beginnings and ends, insert a branded intro/outro and upload it to a webinar gallery (dedicated website with all the recordings) where your Customers can visit and replay.  Providing that they share a few basic information such as name and email address. This will turn your existing webinar recordings into a 24×7 lead generation machine even while you are sleeping. Offering it for free is always tempting, but as a business one of your goals ought to be converting new visitors into leads. 
  • Cut short 30-60 second segments from the recordings, put a nicely branded frame around it and post it on social media. Short videos are  much better performing than text-based posts on all platforms.
  • Last but not least, consider visitors in a hurry, commuting to/from work but interested to learn more about your brand and products. For them, video is not an option but the good news you can take the same recording and turn it into a podcast so you can tag along with the commuters. 

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