Virtual Event Portal and Lead Generation Tool

Identify sales opportunities & increase sales

Identify sales opportunities & increase sales

Young marketer holds a table in his one hand that shows graphs and holds coffee in his other hand.

B2B clients’ behavior has changed in the past few years as they do much more research before they are ready to talk to you.  In response to their desire, as a sales or marketing executive, recurring webinars absolutely need to be in your playbook. In fact, webinars are one of the best tools to educate and build trust with the audience live or VOD. Thus producing personalized content that speaks about their challenges and resonates with them is of utmost importance. 

Contrary to everyone, sending invitations only to the group of your qualified leads with the same interest and most pressing issues. The easiest to determine what topic can surely bring the highest value is by going back to your webinar reporting tool. Extract past user and session level insights, such as: 

  • Which of the past webinars are your leads registered for? 
  • What topic were they interested in?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Who are the top 20 most active leads?  

An online survey among B2B marketing executives (from companies like Salesforce, Xerox, Deloitte, etc.) conducted by  unveils that buyers would be 48% more likely to do business with brands that understand their unique issues.


Create new sales opportunities by uncovering valuable audience insights from past webinars and identify their most pressing problems by tracking the webinars they watched the most and how many times they’ve engaged with your content.  Now, by implementing these recommendations you can deliver different type of monthly sessions to learn about your audience’s preferences and use your most-loved webinars strategically to promote your best-selling products.