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Relevancy is subjective

Relevancy is subjective

Attention span of viewers across multiple events

The gap between a business matter you are communicating and the appropriateness of it to the problem will define how relevant are you in the eyes of your audience. In other ways, relevancy is the distance between how it should be and how it is. Satisfying everyone would be a tall order because relevancy is subjective. Measuring detailed performance metrics on your webinars to gain attendee insights is of utmost importance.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” /Peter Drucker/

Today you want to improve your webinar’s performance. Statistics from the past session are collected, such as the number of invited, registered, and showed-up people. Now you ask the question: Which of these data will tell, you how to stay relevant and interesting next time? Basic metrics will give you only part of the overall picture, accessing deeper insight like pinpointing out when your viewers tabbing out – because they certainly are – is not as simple though.

Delivering webinars while monitoring viewer’s engagement in detail is the best way to see what your next content should be about. With the right insights, you can start creating personalized and even more targeted content making your brand viewed as relevant and authentic. Start doubling down on what your audience like to watch & eliminate the fluff.

At the end of the day staying relevant can lead to closer and stronger relationships with your audience. But there is one more profound reason, why relevancy is important: revenue. A recent report from McKinsey put a number on how much revenue brands can generate with personalized content compared to those who don’t.

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